Silent Sam Washington Post Quote

— Not everyone on campus was happy. Zachary Kosnitzky, a student in the class of 2020 who has written for the conservative Carolina Review and recently joined the Daily Tar Heel as a political columnist,  characterized the toppling of the statue as “mob rule.”

“I understand why they want what they want,” he told The Post. “I think it’s a reasonable goal. I just think the way they went about it is improper.”

The students who showed up for the protest represent a small minority of the campus, he said. Most students, he believes, are ambivalent about Silent Sam.

Others oppose the protests taking place around the statue but are “too afraid of backlash to voice their opinion publicly,” he said.

“A lot of students feel that they’ll suffer backlash from professors and peers if they get in the way of this group of students [who want to remove the statue],” he said. “Frankly, it’s disappointing. It weakens the discourse.”

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